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Lidt om Pesach, klik her

Pesach hos Chabad 

Første seder aften

Mandag, den 10. april, kl. 20.00 (let mad kl. 19.00)

PLease note that at this point we are full in the main hall and bookings made now will be in the overflow room. u will have the full seder just with a smaller group of people 

Anden seder aften

Tirsdag den 11. april kl. 21.30

Chabad Huset, Ole Suhrs gade 10, 1354 Kbh K

Please reserve here!

Pris: 250 kr. - voksne. 100 kr. - børn

Please follow here for info for the seder in Århus.

To join other Pesach holiday meals, please click here.

Seudat Mashiach

The first days of Pesach are commemorating our past history and applying it to ourselves today. The final part of Pesach, join us as we celebrate the future. Join us in song, chassidic stories, discussion, and the unique Pesach food.

18. april, 2014

kl. 19.00

To reserve, please click here.

Sell your chametz online HERE!

Pre pesach activities for children, see here

Please note that there are no Pesach products in Copenhagen Kosher. A Pesach pop-up-shop is opening in Carolineskolen over next week. Please follow here for more info.

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