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1. seder aften/ I would like to join for the 1st Seder evening in Copenhagen, 08.04.20 kl. 19.00)

2nd Seder evening in Chabad Huset, 09.04.20, kl. 21.00

I would like to join for another pesach holiday meal:

1st day lunch- 09.04.20, kl. 13.00

2nd day lunch- 10.4.20, kl. 13.00

Shabbat Chol hamoed dinner- 10.4.20, kl 20.00

Shabbat Chol hamoed lunch - 11.4.20, kl 13.00

Chag dinner- 15.4.20, kl 20.00

Chag lunch- 15.4.20, kl 13.15

Chag dinner- +15.4.20, kl 21.30

 2. dag lunch- 16.4.20, kl. 13.00

Seudat Moshiach- 16.4.20, kl 19.00

We will be people

The cost of the seder is 250 kr. Special student and pensionist discount upon request.

Although there is no official charge for the Chag meals, the recommended price to cover the expenses of your meals is 150 kr per meal per person, 100 kr per student, 80 kr per child. For the Chol hamoed dinners, the recommended price is 60 kr. per person. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Payment info:

Mobile pay: 868031

Bank konto nr: 1551-0016919616 

Paypal [email protected] or 

click here for more payment info

I have paid via Bank transfer cash  can't afford to pay now

No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

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Pre pesach activities for children, see here

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