Something is always going on at ChabaDanmark. Just about about every day there is a program or activity. Here you can read about our special occasions and events, get the inside scoop, or just find out what's up at ChabaDanmark.

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26. september,

Rosh Hashana was really beautiful. Fri night, the first eve of chag was joined by almost 100 pple, with a festive feeling as participants shared their New years wishes and thoughts. Great singing and celebrating Chabad style. the rest of the Chag meals were also enjoyed by the many various Jews coming together to find meaning and inspiration in our wonderful holidays. Sunday lunch ended with a grand excursion to Øster anlæg, close to Chabd House for the traditional tashlich prayers. Even the fish seemed moved as the crowd sang oseh shalom together, and wished each other shana tova.

17. september,

Familie program- kids zone

Sunday morning children together with their parents were treated to another fantastic chagim funhouse. With all activities being completely hands- on, the younger participants made blowable paper shofars, while the older ones sawed and drilled and sanded their own proper kosher horn. There were shana tova cards, honey dishes and honey placemats, Yom kippur slippers, and huge book, miniature sukkot and challot among other things. Following the activities was lunch with the chance for everyone to chat and get to know each other. Looking forward to the next one- before chanukah!

16. aug.

Oy vey, time, time, precious time......Over here all is boruch hashem (thank G‑d) really busy.....too busy to post all the goings in brief, Pesach, lag baomer shavuot and all of the in between has been super! Lots of wonderful Jews to celebrate with and enjoy and lots of the special Jewish atmosphere.

In between we have begun a new little kindergarten which is going really well. We have a great staff bh, and the children look forward to attending every day.

We have also begun a new program in conjunction with EJCN, where we have monthly lectures via video conference networking, which have been very fascinating and much appreciated by the participants.

We have also had some guest speakers, including Dan Alon, survivor of the Munchin olympics whom gripped the crowded hall with his powerful story.

3. juli,

We have just begun the first day of Gan Israel daglejr! The first day has been a great success with the children having a blast, participating in a wide variety of games and sports and swimming and creative projects, trips, etc. It is not really possible to describe the Gan Israel spirit, you need to come yourself to see it and experience it. We look forward to the upcoming week and then on to the Gan Israel overnight camp which we will be heading out to next week iyh.

Shabbat 1. juli,

This past Shabbat we have had the pleasure of hosting Matisyahu, the Chabad reggae singer whom moved in with us over the weekend following his concert by Roskilde festival. A very hyggligt shabbat was enjoyed by all- including many star- struck fans.


Well, haven't been on in a long while, lots has been happening, here're the latest big events.


Purim was super! We had a few megillah readings both in the evening and during the daytime so all could have the opportunity to fulfill this special mitzvah. The grand Purim party was held in Parken stadium with 200 people in attendance. As another of the special Mitzvot for Purim is to have a holiday meal on Purim day, we did just that. We feasted on a 3 course delicious banquet. The tables were set beautifully with golden stones and mirror centerpieces. There was a great atmosphere and all enjoyed themselves immensly. The party moved on over to Chabad house for the later part of the evening going on thru the night.


We had a very successful trial run of a new monthly program- namely lectures with various famous guest speakers via conference networking. This past month we had professor Allan Dershowitz, a world famous lawyer, and professor in Harvard.

3. february,

We have just sent out a booklet of our upcoming activities for feb- juli. If you have not recieved one and would like to, then please let us know! This is not the same booklet that came out with the feb edition of jødisk orienteering, that was just a brief synopsis of some upcoming events. Unfortunately we could not include the whole folder due to a change of weight policy from the postal service.

2. february,

Well, the week of Jewish studies has come to a close, following 20 very interesting lectures over the course of the past 5 evenings. There were around 110 people participating in the classes. Thanks to all of our speakers whom all gave clear and in depth presentations of their respective topics.

30. january,

We have begun the first evening of the week of Jewish studies. Lecturor Rabbi Tzvi Telsner of London addressed his very interesting topics in his clear, entertaining, scholarly manner. 

29. january,

The monthly 'Hvem vil være minjanaire?' took place again this Shabbat. Rabbi Yitzi guided us throught the entire service, with explanations, insights and questions to ponder. Various prayers were sung altogether with familiar melodies. The children also enjoyed their own junior minjan program with prayer, a bit on the Torah, and lots of fun games. Following the service, was a kiddush and lunch for all those whom could stay.

24. january,

Fashion show - jødiske brud gennem tiderne' a massive, wonderful success. 80 women enjoyed the beautiful voice of Signe Hylgård as she sang, followed by Ludmilla Spektor of Danish radio accompanied by Elaine Drori of Motek Musik whom played wonderfully. And then as the lights dimmed, all were treated to a journey into history from biblical times up to the present. Various women modeled famous brides as we heard their story. Chagit Rosensveig and marie Lise Tansvig treated us to a memorable dance, and a choir of girls sang heartwarmingly. The costumes were incredibly detailed and rich. A huge thank you to Miriam Hurwitz, costume designer and all whom helped make the evening the fantastic evening it was. Due to numerous requests, we are making plans to stage another show in May of 2007. Pictures coming soon......

15 january,

Well we had a wonderful winter overnight Camp for kids, and a super chanukah with lots of parties, lots of donuts anad oil. You can check out pics of our chanukiyah on rickshaw bike, chanukah on Rådhuspladsen, chanukah on the ski slopes (in Sweden). We are now gearing up for a Jewish brides through out the ages fashion show, and the following week the Jewish Studies week. We will be shortly printing a booklet of our upcoming programs and activities from feb- June, if you would like to recieve it, please let us know.


6. december,

"Women's night out". A wonderful invigorating evening for all attendees. We began with an interesting (or at least I thought it was) discussion about yoga and judaism. Following the discussion, we were treated to a yoga session led by Lene Gutterman.

24. november,

Yitzi and Levi have gone to join the international conference of chabad Rabbis and youth respectively, for a weekend chock full of inspirational sesssions and workshops and of course- catching up with old buddies.

Kinus (icon)

Discussion group

We have begun a new discussion group for ages 11-13'ish. All questions welcome! If there are no questions, then we start the dialogue going......

Couples evening

A varied group of young Jewish married couples had the opportunity to get to know each other and enjoy each others ompany. Sushi made by the artfood co. along with japanese ambience created a very hyyggligy atmosphere.

11. november,

Shabbat 101. A few more than 100 young Jews felt the Shabbat magic with the traditional kiddush, challot, 4 course dinner interspersed with lively singing and stories, thoughts, jokes and discussions.

3. november,

The Chabad team brings food for the body and food for the soul for the Israeli football team. Kosher meat along with tefillin wrappings.


Simchat Torah

Shmini Atzeret was gr8 fun with hakafot- dancing and rejoicing with the Torah at the same time as simchat torah was celebrated in Israel. we had gr8 chassidic dancing, sommersaults, singing, lots of food and the unimitatable Yitzi rapper. Simchat Torah the joy continued.

Torah (small)


The first two evenings of Sukkot we were out of space due to the sukkah's limited capacity of max 70 people seated relatively comfortably at one time. The rest of the sukkot festive meals were also enjoyed by many, and besides for Fri eve, we were really happy with the clear weather (and our 3! heaters).

On chol hamoed Sukkot, børnehave Noah's ark came to visit the sukkah. On Thursday, Yitzi made the annual 'Sukkah på hjul' trip to jylland where the Jews of Jylland could also participate in the joy of the holiday and get to eat in an absolutely kosher pop up sukkah.

Thanks to Janis Frankø, our contact in Silkeborg for arranging such a beautiful party.


Sunday chol hamoed we had a very hyggligt sukkot party with Motek music, and the Torah concentration game show.

13. oktober, Jom Kippur,

Around 80 people joined in the final mincha and neilah services. Rabbi Yitzi gave ongoing insights, stories, thoughts and practical how-to tips so everyone present could follow and be uplifted and inspired.

Following havdalah, we were joined by many more hungry Jews whom wolfed down lots of food in a very, very short time.

Rosh Hashana


We welcomed the New Year with great spirit (and spirits). Each of the 4 festive meals were enhanced by a very hyggligt, happy atmosphere. More than 250 pple joined in for the chag meals, and tashlich ceremony.

Honey and Apples (small)

Sunday, 9. oktober, Kidzone

All the participants enjoyed themselves immensly, children as well as adults as they learned about all of the upcoming chagim in our fun and hands-on creative method.