Women of all backgrounds, coming together once a month in honor of the new Jewish month.

Each gathering offers an interesting discussion along with a fun and light activity.

Come join us for a hyggelig evening

If you would like to be part of the JWC planning committee, please contact Rochel here.

We are a Jewish women's group that offers Jewish women to explore their identity and bond with other Jewish women.  We have monthly Rosh Chodesh gatherings with an activity as well as a discussion about the importance of a certain aspect of being a women in Judaism.  We learn about our heritage.  What we inherit from our foremothers.  We discuss the important role women have in Judaism.  We use our creativity.  We explore what traits we are created with to make us so powerful and able to change the world,  and why the Torah says that Jewish women are so amazing. 

We learn about the characteristics our foremothers had and how they are connected to us, the inheritors.

We explore these ideas through creative activities and deep discussions, making each meeting a positive, uplifiting, growing, and bonding experience.

Rosh Chodesh (the new month) is a special holiday for women to celebrate.  G‑d gave Rosh Chodesh to the women, because the women were the only ones to refuse to contribute to the building and worshiping of the golden calf.  Women have taken on the custom to not to laundry, make special gatherings, and dress nicely, treating this day as their holiday