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Shavuot fest! 

Masser af is og cheesecake til børn og voksne i alle aldre!



Chabad Huset, Ole Suhrs gade 10, 1354 Kbh K

Den 12. juni, 2024 fra kl. 16.00


Shavuot All-nighter!!!

d. 11. juni, kl. 22.30- 4.00 

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It is traditional to study all night of Shavuot, join us for midnight debates! We will hear many presentations, discussions, and provocative thoughts from a wide variety of presenters.

If you would like to present a talk, please contact us. 

From kl. 22.30- 4.00. Stay as long as you want/can :) 

Dinner at 22.30, ted talks following dinner, shacharit morning service at 4.00. 

The day of the receiving of the Torah, following 49 days of deep preparation, the Jews overslept. Why? How?

Come find out and explore the mystical dimension of Shavuot at a mystical time......

kl. 22.30

All are welcome!

The holiday of Shavuot marks the anniversary of G‑d giving the Torah to the
Jewish people at Mt. Sinai. On this day, we renew our acceptance of this
Divine gift, and recommit to observing its laws as the ultimate guide to a
meaningful life. Join us as we reenact the Sinai experience with a Torah
reading featuring the Ten Commandments, and a delicious dairy buffet feast.