Kosher food in Copenhagen


If you are coming to Copenhagen, we are happy to host you at our newly opened kosher restaurant. If you are here over shabbat, you are welcome to join us at Chabad for shabbat meals. The following are your options:  

Chabad also offers catered meals (can be delivered to your hotel), for special arrangements for groups, contact us for possibilities, e-mail here

, or (45)3316 1850/2873 7678. Please note that in comparison to US and Israeli prices, it is not cheap.


There is now a kosher restaurant (serving meat, fish and vegetarian dishes) in Chabad House. Opening hours Sunday -  Thursday, 17.00- 20.30.


Kosher shopping


Copenhagen Kosher. Lyngbyvej 87, 2100 Kobenhavn Ø Tel: (45) 39 18 57 77

This is not in the center of town, it is in the far end of the østerbro suburb,

it can be reached with bus 184 which leaves from nørreport station.

It is open Tuesday to Thursday 9-17.30 friday 8.-13

(They carry frozen and fresh meat and chicken, cold cuts, cheeses, and wine.)


There are various products which can be purchased at the local supermarkets.

the following is a list of some of them:



Smoked salmon, any – Cold smoked (if its sliced it must be cold smoked)

Smoked salmon norlax, has a hechsher

Any fresh Salmon, not cooked.

Canned salmon.

Tuna fish – John west (can be bought in fotex)

Cereals: Havra fras, All Bran, Rice crispies, Oat meal – Hava gryn. Kellogs cornflakes. There are some that have a hechsher (a small m and k in a circle)

Pita Bread. In Super brugsen and fakta in the freezer they have a pack of 6 pitas that is from angel bakery, Israel (pas Yisroel), called stenbagt pita.

Bread: Shulstad rugbrød – (not pas yisroel, and please note it’s made on dairy machines)

Wasa crackers ‘Rågi’ (pas yisroel), Rice cakes

All fruits and vegetables and frozen and canned plain fruits and vegetables

Pastas that are not colored. All rice

Heinz ketchup, Hellmans Mayonnaise, (Irma, Brugsen or fotex usually have them)

Sunflour (solskikke) oil from Netto

Odense Plain Marcipan

Frugtstang from Nettos

Soya milk - alpros

Humus, from 'the bagel company' 


Non Cholov Yisroel


Any milk, Philadelphia cream cheese. Yogurt, as long as it does not have e120