Our beautiful Jewish calendar and 'aktiviteterskatalog' is mailed to thousands of Jewish homes in Denmark. 
The calendar includes practical Jewish and Danish information as well as info and schedules of our planned activities.

In order to be able to provide this – and many other – valuable services to the widest possible audience, we would like to ask for your help. Please become a part of it.

We are currently offering you the opportunity to personalize the calendar with New Year greetings, and your family’s special occasions, such as Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Yahrtzeits, birthdays and anniversaries. They will be printed in the calendar in the month of the date of the occasion. 
Share your life’s joys, and honor the memory of dear departed loved ones. 

 By participating in our calendar you will not only gain special recognition, but you will also be doing a Mitzvah of helping us reach out to so many people.

Shana Tova Greeting Page (180:-)
Join the Greeting Page and wish family and friends Shana Tova through our calendar.

 Rosh Hashana (small)

Birthdays, Anniversaries & Yahrtzeits (180:- per date)
Dedicate a calendar date in honor of a loved one's Birthday, Anniversary or Yahrtzeit.

 Bat Mitzvah 

* Please type names exactly as you'd like them to appear in our calendar
 * Dates can be entered either on the Hebrew date or the Secular date
 * All birthdays, anniversaries and yartzeits will be displayed in the calendar box in the month of the date which they occur
 * Years are not required but will assist us in determining your Hebrew Birthday (Years will NOT be printed in the calendar).
*In order for the correct Hebrew dates to be calculated, please indicate if event took place after sunset of secular date. 

For Yartzheits we will follow the Jewish date only. Please use our Date Converter to assist you in determining the Jewish date.

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Advertising Opportunities

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