Mødre gruppe

Mommy and Me 

Mødregrupper med en jødisk twist. Den jødiske mødre gruppe, hvor nybagte mødre og deres spædbørn møder andre jødiske mødre og babyer, hygge og opleve jødisk tradition i et stimulerende, sjovt og kreativt miljø. Nyd moderskabets glæder når du opdager nye ting om dit barns udvikling.

Mødregrupper with a Jewish twist. The jewish mothers group is where new moms and their babies meet other Jewish moms and babies, hygge and experience Jewish tradition in a stimulating, fun and creative environment. Bask in the joys of motherhood as you discover new things about your child's development.

If you are home with your baby and are looking for nice company and something fun and interesting to do.... so come to the Jewish mothers group.

We meet every second week, at each others homes.

Occasionally we plan activities such as baby gymnastik with a trained therapist, or fitness workouts for the moms, musical development, etc.

If you would like to know more about the mothers group, please contact Rochel, 3379 3326 or email [email protected]

The Jewish mothers group was established in 2000. Join our facebook group - Den jødiske mødre gruppe