Shabbat hos Chabad

Friday night live!

Oplev glæden ved et shabbat måltid med alle de traditionelle retter, livlig sang, historier og fejring.

As the sun goes down on a Friday evening, our bodies and souls go through a spiritual rejuvenation. Join us here at Chabad as we celebrate Shabbat. With great discussions, hyggligt atmosphere, interesting guests, and tasty home-cooked dinners - every Shabbat at Chabad is unique and special.

To join us, please contact us, 3379 3326 or email [email protected]

Ugentlige, fredag aften.

Ole Suhrs gade 10, 1354 Kbh K

We appreciate contributions towards the Shabbat meals,

Giro account, forening ChabaDanmark, 1-691 9616

Or mail us at Chabad Huset, Ole suhrs gade 10. 1354 Kbh K

Thank you.

Friday night at Chabad has a special atmosphere to it.

Call to join and enjoy.

When: Winter 17.45 Summer 21.15

Where: Chabad Huset, Ole Shurs Gade 10, 1354 koebenhavn K

Reservations appreciated