ACCOMMODATIONS - Hotels and hostels

In Copenhagen, any hotel in the center is not more than a 20- 30 minutes -walk from either of the shuls or Chabad.

Five star

Hotel Skt Petri is a 3 minute walk from the big synagogue, and about 15 minutes from Chabad and Machzikie Hadas. It is a five star hotel. It has electronic keys, though the staff are helpful Hotel Skt Petri Krystalgade 22, 1172 København K Tlf (45) 33 45 91 00 www.hotelsktpetri.com/

www.d angleterre.dk is also 5 star, as is www.radissonblu.com both 20 minutes walk from shuls and Chabad

Four star

Hotel Kong Arthur is about a 7 minute walk from Chabad and Machzikie Hadas, about 15 minutes from the big shul. They do have electronic keys, thoug the staff is usually helpful with Shabbat. The address is Nørre Søgade 11, 1370 København K tlf 45 33 11 12 12 www.kongarthur.dk

Some other 4 star hotels: www.imperial-hotel-copenhagen.com www.phoenixcopenhagen.dk

Both about 20 minute walk from shuls and Chabad

The Marriot is a 35 minute walk

Tivoli Hotel a 50 Minute walk

There are 3 Raddison hotels. Raddison blu Royal is 25 minutes away, Raddison blu Scandinavia is 45 minutes away, and there is a Raddison near the airport, about 1,5 to 2 hours walk.

The hotels Bella sky, and Crowne plaza are both about 1 and a half hours walk

Airbnb is now a popular option for accomodations. 

Three star

Ibsens hotel is the sister hotel to Kong Arthur, right behind it, also 7 minutes away from Chabad. Its better priced and has 3 stars. . http://www.ibsenshotel.dk/

Hotel Cabinn is a 3 star Hotel, with the motto ‘sleep cheap in luxury’ and their locations are all in walking distance (20-30 minutes) to the synagogues and Chabad (the hotel in the city, and the two in Frederiksberg)

CAB INN City Mitchellsgade 14, DK-1568 København C, Tlf: (+45) 33 46 16 16 Fax:(+45) 33 46 17 17 Email: [email protected]www.cabinn.dk

Hotel Jørgnsen is in the center just near nørreport and about 10 minutes walk to either shul. the address is Rømersgade 11, st. 1362 København K Tlf (45) 33 13 81 86. Please note they do not have bathrooms in all the rooms. www.hoteljoergensen.dk/

Budget accommodations

Hotel euroglobe is a budget hotel, at niels ebbesensvej 20, 1911 Frederiksberg C Tlf (45) 3379 7954

Hotel Jørgnsen is also a hostel, though they do have single rooms. It is in the center and about 10 minutes walk to either shul. the address is Rømersgade 11, st. 1362 København K Tlf (45) 33 13 81 86 email hotel@ post12.tele. dk www.hoteljoergensen.dk/