Please note there is now a kosher restaurant at the Chabad house, open daily Sunday through Thursday 5-8.30 pm (17-20.30) (though now closed due to Corona)

The following are the catering options for meals delivered to you.

Standard meal consists of a main course which is double wrapped and can be reheated in any oven (not microwave), along with bread and a dip. This can be picked up or delivered to you, ready to eat.

Price per meal: 180 kr.

Standard Plus is the same as above with the addition of a fresh entré and additional salad. 

Price per meal: 280 kr.

Standard meal - cold dish consists of a main course to be eaten cold, along with a salad bread cake and a dip. This can be picked up or delivered to you, ready to eat.

Price per meal: 220 kr.

Deluxe meal is a freshly made 3 course meal including entré, main course, desert, bread, dips and salad, delivered with china plates and cutlery. This option is usally available for only 2+ persons, though feel free to ask

Price per meal: 600 kr.

Breakfasts are available with cheese, yogurt, and bread, Minimum of 4 orders and needs to be ordered 10 days in advance. Though feel free to ask. if u are ordering a couple of days before u will probably get fruits, veggies, salmon and bread

Price per meal: 160 kr.

Freshly made sandwiches, consisting of a sandwich pack and a salad. Suitable for lunch.

Price per pack per person: 120 kr.

Shabbat meals to be delivered to hotel include challot, a 3 course meal, and dessert.

Price per meal per person: 300 kr.

Delivery within the city runs around 100 kr. Please note: all prices do not include moms/vat (25 percent) All orders should be placed as far in advance as possible.

To place an order, send us an email.

All the best, and enjoy your visit

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