Helping us make it happen - every month

What is the Circle of Friends? 

Through Circle of Friends, we can ensure continuous financial support to develop Chabad. The basic idea is that at the beginning of each month we know how much money will be coming in, and able to plan accordingly

Why should you join Chabads Circle of Friends?
Year round ChabaDanmark works to strengthen Jewish identity and awareness of the Jews in Denmark. Thousands of Jews from all over Copenhagen and other parts of Denmark are in one way or another affected by Chabads activities. We reach out to young and old and all in between with a variety of social, religious, cultural and educational activities. For many people, our activities are their only connection to Jewish life. If you think what we do is important for Danish Jewish life and want to be our partner in this important work, then you should definitely join the Circle of Friends!

How is ChabaDanmark funded?
There are about 4000 Chabad center around the world. We share ideas, give each other moral support and feedback, but when it comes to financing our operations, we are totally on your own. Each center is an independent organization funded entirely locally where it operates.

Our annual budget of approximately 1.6 million kroner include rent, salaries, expenses for events, activities and administration. All this is locally funded through voluntary donations and course and event fees. ChabaDanmark is entirely responsible for this, with no continuing financial support from Chabads headquarters.

The goal of the Circle of Friends
The goal is to get enough continuous financial support, so that ChabaDanmark can continue to grow and expand, thereby creating more opportunities for people to become stronger in their Jewish identity.

The goal for this year is to reach 180 Circle of Friends members.

What benefits do you have as a member of the Circle of Friends? 
Joining the Circle of Friends means that you become an active partner and investor in the future of Jewish life in Denmark. Your donation helps us to continue to contribute to an active Jewish life in Denmark, and allows us to reach out even further.

As a member you will get the benefit of exclusive updates and events, while you have a chance to influence, and you even get a glimpse of what your contribution has actually enabled.

How do I join the Circle of Friends?  
Call or email us at and we will help you join the Circle of Friends. 

ChabaDanmark arrived to Denmark in 1997. Thousands of people have since participated in a wide range of activities; educational, religious, social and inspirational. Our activities include: holiday programs, classes and lectures, summer and winter camps for children, open shabbat and holiday dinners, weekend celebrations, Torah study and courses, Bar / Bat Mitzva, teaching, jewish mothers group, Mommy and Me, hospital and prison visitation,Lunch and Learn, and many more public and private events. In short, Chabad Huset is an open home for all Jews.   

ChabaDanmark is an independent non-profit association that receives no ongoing support from the international Chabad movement.  ALL of our income comes from voluntary donations from generous contributors and from program fees.

As you can imagine, our budget is quite large. Sounds daunting? For one person, possibly. But TOGETHER it can happen. It does not require an excessive amount per person, but JOINTLY will create a major help for Chabad and its work.

Join Chai- klubben, the "Circle of Friends", and become a "partner" and "investors" in Chabad's growth and increased capacity to be there for and benefit Danmarks Jews.

YOU can make this a reality. Become a partner today.

Call us or send an email to info@chabad,dk for help with the administrative details.

With gratitude and wishes for continued growth and inspiration!  

Please join our Chai Club, giving any amount every month to help support ChabaDanmarks activities

Many thanks to our Chai Club Members

Keren Zohar  
Nina og Tue Chassin
Dovid og Tasha Villeges
Charlotte og Ronen Thalmay
Dorrit Raiter
Isaak Frederik Bildsoe 
Daniel og Anja Schwartenberg
Mette Bode
Izabela Halskov
Margalit og Adam Weisman -Kurzwiel 
Lise Hansen 
B & J
Stine Atar
Michael Gzegorst 
Malka Aisen 

Stan Tarne
Mildred Gutterman
Lennert og Sus Lajbchitz
Ivan Nadelman
Jacob Bier
Ron Vermont
Jan Meyer
Family Silberman - Israel
Lone and Martin Stern
Samuel Knobel
Michael Gelvan 
Elena & Flemming Nivaro
Marcus Choleva
Brian Burr
Motti Bitton
Lior Shloime
Howard Ash
Nicky Kohn 
Michael Kurland
Motti Chakman
Ole Stohn
Eli og Terese Katzenstien

If your name should be here and it not, please accept our apologies and notify us. many thanks